Polymers for Separation

Polymers become more miscible as the temperature is lowered, Liquid-liquid phase separation is assumed. If one of the components crystallizes, quite different phases emerge. Occasionally, upper critical solution temperatures (UCM) are observed for blends at some lower temperature range. Typical data may be obtained by raising the temperature rapidly from some temperature in the totally miscible range to some higher temperature, and observing changes via optical clarity and microscopy. Particular molecular weights for the two polymers in question. Different molecular weights result in different positions of the phase, and different maximum temperatures of mutual miscibility. Here, the temperature and the composition of a particular polymer pair is varied.

  • Molecular imprinted polymers for separation
  • Synthesis of thermal phase separating reactive polymers
  • Recycling of plastic waste by density separation
  • Protein and macromolecule separations
  • Separation of H2 and CO through poly-membranes III
  • Synthesis of microporous organic polymers for separation

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