Polymers for Catalysis and Energy Applications

Catalysis  by  polymers  is  the  new  intensively  developing  field  of  science.  Polymer  catalysis  has  become  an  independent  and  thriving  branch  of  chemistry. Extensive development of this field is attributed to success achieved in synthesis and investigation of so-called functional polymers as well as to success attained in homogeneous, metal complex catalysis. The fruitful cooperation  of  these  two  directions,  namely the  fixation  of  homogeneous  catalysts  or  transition metal compounds on organic polymers, has led to the novel idea of heterogenization of homogeneous metal complex catalysts. Such catalysts obtained by the heterogenization of various polymeric supports by homogeneous complexes of transition metals, retain the advantages of both homogeneous (high selectivity) and heterogeneous (convenient manufacture) catalysts. Two aspects of catalysis involving polymers should be discussed:  (1) the catalytic effect of functional groups of polymers and (2) the use of polymers as supports for homogeneous metal complexes. Such an approach is useful because it enables one to establish a relationship between enzyme-like, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis. Polymeric catalysis may be arbitrary divided on several parts:
1. Catalysis by linear polymers in solutions
2. Ion-Exchange resins as catalysts.
3. Catalysis by polymer-metal complexes.
4. Polymer-protected Nano sized catalysts.

  • Implementation of a solid-state polymerization
  • Polymer-supported multivalent organocatalysts
  • Capillary micro flow reactors
  • Water based blend nanoparticles
  • Polymer-protected nanosized catalysts
  • Catalysis by polymer-metal complexes
  • Catalysed polymers applications on energy storage
  • Catalysis by linear polymers in solutions

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